Saturday, November 26, 2011


Thanksgiving was at my parents house this year.  We had a busy busy weekend.
My parents- thankful for all 9 grandchildren.  Charlie, Lincoln, JT, Reese, Sullivan, Kate, Landrey, Nora and Jackson

Landrey and Nora- bathtime
Courtney, my aunt Char and Grandma Arlene

Cousin Erika with Jackson and Kate

Nora (almost 2 years), Landrey(2 years 2 months) and Laney(20 months) 

Papa Lee worked too hard so he and Jackson took a nap together--love this photo!

I watched all the little kids so my siblings and parents could go to 'Courageous' and Matt brought the big kids to a kids movie.  I would so recommend the movie Courageous, it is such a great movie about parenting and what is IMPORTANT in life.  The little kids and I watched a veggie tales movie and went to bed, no fussing! except for Jackson

Jackson and Charlie

Jenny, Reese, JT, and Me - We made christmas gifts for all the girls from Reese.  I love that I have a little buddy who wants to do arts and crafts with me.  Reese so loves all that kind of stuff.  JT joined in for a little bit but then left to play star wars with the boys!

dancing to music--JT's got the moves

Brandon with Nora and Kate.  Nora does NOT want Brandon to look at her, touch her, pick her up....don't know why, she isn't really too fond of 'men' except daddy.  Brandon held her at Thanksgiving dinner for nearly 10 minutes with her crying the ENTIRE time....he really loves her, and I don't get why she acts that way?!

Super warm outside so why not take a tractor drive

Sullivan on the swing

Playing Golf with my Grandma Nora

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