Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Friends from Chicago

The gang at our local malt shop which was by the flooding MN River
- Matt, Nora, Me, Jennie, Matt G

We had visitors that weren't related to us come and stay for a few days! This is big news since we normally only have my family come and spend the night.

Matt and Jennie Grigas who live in Illinois came to meet little miss Nora. They are both teachers so they were on Spring Break. Matt was a roommate of my Matt in college. The last time I saw them we weren't "technically" pregnant (it was last March so I was just barely pregnant--didn't know since it was too soon to take a test!)

They came on Wednesday and left Friday morning. It was very fun to see them. We did not do anything too exciting, it was just relaxing and hanging out with Nora. This is why we like them so much, we don't need to entertain them or plan huge exciting things to do. We took a few walks, went to St. Thomas to 're-live' the college days, and ate A LOT of food. Nora had been begging to see where Mommy and Daddy fell in love so I am glad we were able to take a walk around the University of St. Thomas campus, although it looks nothing like it did more than 6 years ago when we went there.
Mommy and Daddy and Nora at UST (where 1 boy met 1 girl=2 hearts beating wildly!)

We also took a trip to the Cleveland Wok (a chinese buffet by UST) where Matt almost sold our child for a free buffet. The owner of the restaurant came up and took Nora out of Matt's arms and started kissing her and hugging her and it was a bit creepy....Matt was thinking that we would get free buffets for life if he let the sweet Chinese lady hold our baby! hm.....I don't think that is how it works Matt! What my hubby will do for food!!!

I was so glad that Nora liked being with Matt and Jennie since the week before she was having a bit of "stranger danger." Anytime anyone unfamiliar looked at her she would cry and stick out her bottom lip. Matt and Jennie were naturals, they even watched her one morning so I could take a shower that was longer than 2 minutes!

Hopefully soon we can all travel down to Chicago and visit them, don't know how long that trip would take with an infant, but it WILL happen soon!

Matt G and Nora--ADORABLE!

Jennie and Nora at the Cleveland Wok

the Matts and Nora---Cute outfit from the Grigas'--it was blue and the hostess at Cuzzy's kept calling her "Tiger" and HE!!! oh well, atleast everyone else knew she was a GIRL!

Fun to actually have someone take a photo of us--Here we are in front of the flooding MN River on HWY 41 in Chaska.
No worries, we stayed away from the raging flooding waters.

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