Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Visitor

Auntie Jenny and Drooly Nora

What are you doing Aunt Jenny??

Today and tomorrow my sister is in town for work. She has an important job being in charge of the photography for the Schwan Food Company catalog.....I am a bit jealous when I hear of all the cool things she gets to do! She had an ice cream photo shoot today downtown and then came to visit us even though the roads weren't the best to travel on! We had a lot of fun. Nora played and talked and even let Aunt Jenny hold her. She brought me all her maternity clothes so now I have bins and bins of clothes thanks to my neighbor Jessica and sister Jenn.

I made nachos for dinner (yes according to my mother nachos CAN be a meal and NOT just an appetizer) and she headed back downtown to her hotel. It was so fun catching up and getting to see her again! I am sure her kids/hubby miss her when she is working in Minneapolis, but secretly I love getting to see her more often!

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