Saturday, January 29, 2011

Random Photos of Nora

Nora loves giving her moose a kiss, babies kisses, books kisses but not quite into giving mommy or daddy kisses yet. Here she was giving her 'Grandma Nora Bear' a kiss...of course I didn't catch it in the picture because our camera is too slow!!!
Now she is done giving kisses and wants to sit on the poor bear!

Nora LOVES the tupperware drawer....maybe it is because it is one of the few cupboards she doesn't get in trouble for going in

Nora loves getting her toys out of her toychest

Messy Messy Nora

hm....what IS she doing here?

Nora LOVES carrying around this Dots lunchbox I bought at Old Navy on clearance for 1 dollar!!
check out her hair....MULLET

Nora sleeping on a pillow, I went in to check on her and she was like this---she looks so grown up.

Nora and daddy hanging out


Nora getting so big, she loves to get up the stairs and then go to her room and get her 'lovey bear' and nuk out of her crib.

Nora walking

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