Monday, January 10, 2011

It's a........BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the news is official and we have had a few ultrasounds so I think it is safe to let the blogging world know: We are pregnant, we are having a boy, due date is May 21st which means we are about 22 weeks along. Baby boy Forslund looks good and healthy, according to the ultrasound tech. Matt says he could tell that the baby was a boy before the ultrasound tech told us...ha ha Matt!

We are very excited to turn into true FOURSLUNDS! I guess our blogname will need to change.

Nora LOVES babies, she loves to poke them, and pat their heads so she will be a great big sister!!

The kids will be about 17 1/2 months apart so it will be a crazy household but we are looking forward to the adventure!

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