Thursday, January 13, 2011

Week of catching up: with friends

Katie and Adam and Nora

Nora hanging out with all her toys while daddy is at work!
She loves carrying around her pumpkin bucket.

Matt had sales training this week, which means he is training for work from 8-5 and then gets to go out to eat/drink from 5-10pm. Needless to say, I was a single mother for the week. I put a post on my facebook asking if anyone wanted to do dinner (hoping that this wouldn't be a status that WAS NOT commented on making me look very SAD and PATHETIC!) I was overwhelmed by people who wanted to hang out with ME!!!!! I feel like sometimes I want to be such a great wife, mother, housekeeper, worker that I forget to be a friend. This was a great week to remember to do this.
Monday: Ate at my neighbor, Kelly's house-she made amazing chicken pot pie.
Tuesday: Ate at other neighbors house, where Nora got to play with her boyfriend William
Wednesday: Night free with Nora and Mommy....we enjoyed girl time
Thursday: Night at Noodles & Co with Katie and Adam
Friday: Matt was home early so we ate PB&Js at home

It was a great week, although Nora missed daddy quite a bit!!

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