Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday, Sunday

I love Sundays! I really enjoy going to church, relaxing at home or running errands. This Sunday after Church, we decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory (ok I DECIDED hat baby boy Forslund needed some Spicy Chicken Chipolte Pasta). I was totally impressed with them today. We brought Nora so before we even sat down the hostess asked if she would like something to eat? Sure I said. They brought a plate of cut up bananas and whole wheat bread for her. It was very nice to keep her entertained with some food while we waited for our own food. And I am not a horrible mom, I did bring my own food for her but man it sure was nice to know that they took care of the WHOLE family!

Back in July 2009 while eating Spicy Chicken Chipolte Pasta, which is my favorite meal out at a restaurant, was the first time I felt Nora kick. So although it was my favorite before then, that moment solidifies why I love eating it so much! Baby boy Forslund has been kicking quite a bit but didn't seem to care much about the spicy chicken pasta that mama was feeding him.

We were then going to go to IKEA to look for stuff for the house. I have just wanted a few things to 'renew' the house, but both Nora and I needed naps so we came home and rested while Matt played video games.

Perfect Sunday spent with my family!

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