Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nebbing Nora

No this is not a new rap song.....Nebbing Nora, Neb Nebbing Nora!!!!

When I woke Nora up this morning she looked like she got hit by a truck. Her right eye was swollen and goopy and her nose was all crusty and red. Her cheeks have been chapped so they were all red and dry as well. I felt horrible. Poor little daughter of mine!

I made an appointment to see if there was anything we could do. She has been on antibiotics 2 times in last 2 months and it has really cleared her nose and eye and ears up but then 5-7 days later it COMES BACK!!!! The doctor took her oxygen levels and then did a nebulizer at the clinic to see if the neb would help her wheezing/oxygen levels. We got sent home with a brand new nebulizer (Dr. Nebulizer to be exact) and a prescription for some medicines. It was WAY too cold, -8 degrees, so I dropped Nora off at home with Matt and went to Target to get the drugs.

Nora took the first neb treatment in the clinic like a pro, didn't cry, didn't fight it, just opened her mouth and breathed! Yeah not so much the second time around. She was ok for first 5 minutes and then wanted the mask off her. The doctor told us to do another treatment right before bed, yeah WRONG! Nora was bouncing off the walls. She laid down for bedtime at 7:45 like a little angel, so tired and so peaceful. 8 o'clock she is pounding the walls in her room and I can hear her jumping up and down in her crib---she is talking to herself and singing along to her lullaby music. I let her play thinking she will calm down and go to sleep. Matt and I are in bed at 9, she is STILL talking, pounding, singing! Then crying, I go and rock her and she is quiet for a while, then I need to rock her again, then she coughs so violently that her nuk is thrown out of crib and so on....this little routine lasted all night! I did finally get innovative at midnight at took one of the nuk straps and fastened it to her pj's so the nuk wouldn't go flying out of crib(pretty smart considering I was so exhausted myself!) She did finally settle down and sleep restlessly for awhile. I am hoping and praying the nebulizer and antibiotics will help her fight this cold and keep it at bay!!!
poor poor Nora!

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