Friday, February 4, 2011

14 Months Old

Uncle Tanner and Nora at the Lions Tap

Nora is 14 months old today! She is turning into quite the character. I feel like I say that at every "update" but it is so fascinating to see how her personality and knowledge changes daily/weekly/monthly! She is getting to be very independent and wants to try everything, albeit with her very cautious personality!

She loves going up the stairs; she will not even TRY going down the steps. I have tried numerous times to teach her.....she screams and cries and shakes her fists!

She likes any food dipped in ketchup, she also likes to still get her hair as sticky and dirty as possible when eating any food.

She can say puppa (Puppy), bubba (baby), mama, dada and uh oh....she is REALLY good at saying 'uh oh'...she drops food and says it, she trips and says it, a door closes and she says it!

She is 'getting it'. When you ask her to do something she will 'sometimes' do it. Today I said "Bring mommy her phone" and she brought it over and actually dropped it in my hand!!!! I know, this doesn't happen ALL (or even most) of the time, but atleast we know she is getting what we say! Now we REALLY need to watch what we say in front of her.

She loves the tupperware cabinet, the plastic bowls, and her toy chest! She carries tupperware around the house. She pushes plastic and glass bowls all over the floor (we have to wash most things again before we use them!) and her toy chest is perfect because she opens it up and takes out her toys herself!

She is turning into more of a mama's girl....which I love and find hard all at the same time!

She is just perfect in all ways, and she makes both Matt and I so happy each and every day. It is hard to imagine that we will be SHARING our time/love/energy with 2 kiddos in a few short months!

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