Friday, February 4, 2011

Finally able to play outside

For the first time in this L O N G cold winter we played outside with Nora!

She did not quite enjoy 'getting ready' to be outside, but she liked being outside for the first 15 minutes. Then we tried sledding down a hill, which is really just a big pile of snow in our neighbors back yard, and she did not enjoy that and wanted to be held by daddy. It was so fun to see how she would touch the snow and walk through the maze of snow. The snow piles in our front yard are taller than her. It was a fun sunny day in Minnesota, this is why we live here!
Getting Ready, lots and lots of layers, aquaphor on the cheeks to protect from the cold, we don't have boots for her so she wore tights, socks and shoes!!

First close up look at snow, sitting in it, daddy made a snowball...hmmm what does she think?

Such a classic 'Nora Look'

Liking walking around

Look at how tall the snowbanks are!

On the porch, pulled the hat off!

Getting pulled by daddy on the sled! Enjoying it/Tolerating it so far!!

DONE being outside, bring me in!

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