Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentinte's Day

Valentines Day-just another day here at the Forslund Home. Matt and I haven't really ever been big 'Hallmark Holiday' observers so this is just another one of those holidays! My sister was in town so we had her over for steak and sweet potatoes. Matt did buy 10 roses for me, 1 rose for Nora, and 1 rose for my dear sister....what a sweet guy huh? Nora got valentines from her daycare friends and her "boyfriend" William who lives behind us across the alley. He even came over to deliver it himself.

Jenn and Nora

Nora in her outfit that Mommy made for her especially for Valentines Day (Matt said it looks a little "Little House on the Prairie"--oh well)

Nora and her boyfriend, William (he is wearing a shirt that says "chicks dig me"--love it!)

Nora's hair is getting SO LONG!

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