Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday, pepper time....

Nora liked looking at Grandma Debbies jewelry.

Superbowl Sunday gave us great food and my parents were in town because they were flying out to Mexico the next day at 5am. Matt made some chicken wings and we had some great pineapple salsa. The salsa was SO hot-it called for one habanero pepper. I was in charge of cutting up the pineapple, the pepper, the onion and other ingredients. I did NOT realize that habanero peppers were that hot, I mean I had heard they are one of the hottest peppers but wow they are H O T! I diced the peppers not thinking anything of it, asked matt to taste a TINY little sliver because they sure didn't smell hot. His mouth was burning. I rubbed my eyes 4 hours later and my eyes were attacked with heat. I washed my hands 50 times (we now need new soap in the house) and my hands/eyes still burned. My mom had to take out my contacts because I couldn't touch my eyes again with my contaminated hands! Wow, learned my lesson--wear gloves when cutting hot peppers.

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