Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bye Bye Peacock and Cupie Doll Look!!!!!!

Nora's hair has gotten so long and 'fluffy'.....that I decided she needed a haircut. Her bangs were always in her eyes and her back hair was always sticking up like a peacock. Matt LOVED her peacock hair and when he would bathe her would purposely not comb the hair so it would stick up all over!!!! Here are HORRIBLE photos of her 'before' and 'after'. Her hair is SO blond now, so cute! We kept the hair to put it in her baby book.
Nora not a good photo (I love my baby, and MOST photos of her are adorable, but eesh, this is a "I just woke up, why are you taking a photo of me!' photo)
Nora flyaways, no peacock hair, no cupie doll look
She is now a 'big girl'.
A better picture of her haircut! She also LOVES putting her fingers/hands in her mouth!!

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