Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ice Cream......

I scream, You scream, Nora screams for Ice Cream!!!!

Nora and I went to visit my 'pretend' cousin at the Eden Prairie mall. Kevin just became an uncle so I told him he should 'practice' taking care of babies with Nora! He did a great job. We ended up getting Dairy Queen, I got a cone and he a blizzard. Nora saw him eating the blizzard with his spoon and every time she saw the spoon going to his mouth, she would open her mouth thinking she was eating. It was so cute (and hilarious!) Here are a few photos, which don't capture the moment, but I tried!!
Looking at Kevin eating 'her' ice cream.

Opening her mouth, thinking 'Why is this spoon not feeding ME?'

Taking a lick of mommy's ice cream cone. yummy!

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