Friday, May 7, 2010

Great Advice on Prayer

We had our last meeting of MOPS today and we had a little devotional and she talked about prayer and praying for your child. Obviously I pray daily for Nora (and others) but I never really knew what to look for when I prayed for Nora. I mainly just asked that God would watch over her and keep her safe and that he would help Matt & I be the best parents we could be. She (I feel horrible that I cannot remember her name.....this is what happens when you join with 3 meetings left in the session!) said that when you pray you should use these 5 'P's as a starting point.
*Purpose - pray they may know and follow Him and have that as their purpose in life
*Passion - pray they may find passion to follow Him and find something passionate that they love to do as a career
*Protection - pray to keep them safe from illness, and "the impure world"
*Purity - pray for them to do what is right and to keep their body as a temple
*Peers - pray for friends who are a good influence and also pray for their friends
*Partner - pray for a loving and faithful spouse. (I read in a book that Charles Dobson's grandpa prayed for all his great grandchildren before he even had any!!!--wow!)

I thought it was a great help for me to define a better prayer for when I pray at bedtime with Nora.

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