Saturday, May 8, 2010

Family Photo Session at the Arboretum

Look I am standing in tulips....all by myself (ok with a little help from mommy&daddy)

What are these crazy things? (we didn't get a picture of her EATING the tulips that she is ripping off here!)

I think I like these flowers that match my shirt!

Oh they smell so sweet!

I love kisses....or do I?

The Forslunds, Matt, Nora (5 mo.) and Amber

Here are a just a few photos from the Arboretum. Steve, Matt's dad was kind enough to come and take family photos for us. We are on a very strict budget so we didn't have the extra cash to throw at a professional photographer. I think Steve did a wonderful job though, can't even tell they aren't professional! I love them. It was quite a crazy day though, it rained, it became sunny, it hailed(yes you read that HAILED on May 8th), then it was sunny again. Poor Nora was getting pelted with hail and didn't know what to think of it.
I can't wait to come back in the Fall and take more family photos, wow Nora will be almost a year and Matt and I will both be a year older too (both our birthdays are in September!!)
Thanks again Steve, we LOVE LOVE LOVE our photos! oh, and Grandma Anne was a great photographers assistant--toting our stuff all over the place, twirling the rattle so Nora would look at the camera! It was a great day, it makes me so happy looking at these photos.

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