Monday, May 17, 2010

First Trip to the MOA....

My cousin Ashley was in town picking up her friend,Nancy, from the airport. Nancy lives in Florida and works at the Bubba Gump restaurant there. So.....they invited Nora and I to meet them at the Bubba Gump Restaurant at the MOA. Nora had not been there, and she knew she had been missing out on all the MOA fun!!! Here are some photos of the glorious day. We ate wonderful food, caught up with the family, and even had our picture taken with the 'shrimp'.

Nora looking at Laney

Me, Nora and 'the shrimp'

Nora and Laney.....I thought Nora was a peanut, but Laney is such a tiny peanut.
Nora was about 5 months and Laney is about 2 months.

My cousin Ashley with her beautiful baby Laney

The babies with 'the Shrimp' --Erika my cousin is holding Nora on the left, Nancy is holding Laney on the right.

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