Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nora's Clinic Visit

So I brought Nora in to the clinic on Thursday because she had a bit of a tickle in her throat and with me working all weekend long, I didn't want Matt to worry about her. I wanted to make sure she was healthy, as we did just make her take family photos in the cold and hail last weekend!!

The doctor took a look at her and said that she doesn't have a cold, didn't have a fever, but had a few bumps on her throat(probably something viral). So that is why she is coughing. He said it was probably something minor but to keep an eye on it.
She weighed 14 lbs and 8 oz--she is getting so big, we just took out all her 6-9 month clothes and washed and took the tags off. She is a lucky girl---look at all these tags....

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