Friday, May 21, 2010

Nora "Helping" Mommy

I have gotten a few diaper bag orders from my baby gift business. I set up an etsy account and have a few products for sale on there. I haven't had too much time to add any more products, but hopefully will get to putting more stuff on the website soon! I wish I could say that 'some random' people found my awesome stuff through the internet and asked for some diaper bags, but really the diaper bags are for some 'really lucky ladies' in Marshall who know my sister. I needed to get this backpack diaper bag done for a momma who was about to have twins anyday. Nora ended up 'helping' me sew becuase I put her in her Bumbo chair and she tried to touch everything on the table! I thought it was pretty cute.....and some day when I make it BIG and am rolling in the dough, we will look back on this tiny little operation and chuckle!!!

Nora helping mommy sew

Nora trying to touch the diaper bag....good thing it isn't sharp like the pins & needles!!!
Finished product....Hooray! Pretty cute huh?

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